Top Cashback Sites

Savvy shoppers use top cashback sites to make shopping within competitive prices where possible. There are hundreds of UK retailers and service providers offering cashback when you purchase through cashback sites.

Why should you use cashback sites?

The answer is simple, you would like to have some returns on your purchase. This is interesting when you know how to use the cashback websites effectively. There is a common term that you may not get the cashback, however, this is a rare case.

When you make an order online or in-store by using a cashback website or app you will receive cashback on the provider's rate if your purchase is tracked accordingly. Sometimes an order may not be tracked due to some reasons, which are cookies on your device or browsers or extensions.

If you find your order has not been tracked, you can submit a request on the customer service page of your account.

UK’s Top Cashback sites

If you search online, you will receive multiple website links as cash-back sites. Well, some of them are simply scammers and do not pay cashback at all, or many of them are newly established and have no proven record as cashback sites.

I recommend two reliable websites for cashback that have a successful history of providing millions of pounds as cashback over the years. From my experience, Topcashback is the best website that you will earn comparably more cashback for using a long time.

My second choice is Quidco which is dependable and offers genuine cashback when you purchase through their website. I have extensive experience using Quidco and in most cases, I received cashback directly without contacting their customer service.

Why Top cashback?

Top cashback comes before Quidco due to their high rates of cashback and customer service. Mostly they offer slightly higher cashback on a purchase made through the. Quidco pays higher cashback in some instances, however, that is for their premium account holders and not regularly.

Top cashback plus account charges £5 yearly which comes as default when you open an account, however, you can downgrade it from your member’s profile. This paid subscription offers a higher cashback rate from the basic user.

What to remember when you are using cashback sites?

Before you make a purchase make sure you have logged in to your account. Remove all the cookies and browsing history where possible. If you are using a laptop clear your browsing history or use it in an incognito mood. You can use CCleaner to clear saved cookies on your device.

Sometimes an order takes time to be tracked on the cashback website, therefore, you should wait at least seven days before you contact customer service. In that case, you open a ticket from your profile and submit it with the Retailers name and order number which you receive on your receipt or email confirmation.

You must remember that cashback is not guaranteed, and you might receive no return of the purchased amount in some cases.

If you have an account on these top cashback sites, you might also check the UK's best premium cashback site Complete Savings. On this website there is a monthly £15 fee you will pay by direct debit from your bank account, however, when you purchase through this site you need to submit a cashback form to get £15 as a bonus on a purchase every month. This will make it free as the subscription fee is refunded to your account every month when you are following this method. All you need is just to remember and submit the bonus form from your profile to get the bonus each month.

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