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Money-Saving App You Must Install

In our everyday shopping, we try to buy the best product with as less money as possible to pay. If you just go out to the supermarket without considering your options to pay less for what you are getting then you obviously missing some opportunity to deduct your cost. Fortunately, there are some effective ways of cutting your expenditure by using some handy apps on your mobile phone. We will focus on this top money-saving app that you must have on your mobile phone.

We have considered many different options to pay a little less than what you are paying for your everyday essentials. While there are many different ways of saving supermarket costs we focused on one of the easiest ways available for us in the palm of our hand. We can use some handy mobile apps for cutting our supermarket costs and make some savings from the budget. Here some of the apps that might help many of us in buying everyday essentials.


This app offers cashback on supermarket items both online and instore for its users. There are a lot of products on offer every day from your grocery list to make your shopping rewarding. This money-saving app will certainly help you with saving money through cashback. All you need to do is to buy the featured product, then upload a copy of your receipt or delivery note and they will credit you the cashback. You can transfer your cashback to your bank account once they are available. This usually takes 3-7 days to show the money in your balance. You can transfer your balance once you have £20 or more in your account. Payments £1-£19.99 incur a 5% charge.

Generally, products on offer last a week on their site, some products even for a few weeks’ time. After loading a receipt it takes a few hours to update the amount of the cashback, in some cases, it will update immediately. As it takes time to show the cashback you need to keep the receipt safe just in case Checkoutsmart robots miss to identify any information. Some receipt comes two sides in which the app might be updated as ‘time and date missing’ which means you may have to upload the receipt again for both sides in particular.

Compared to ClikSnape this money-saving app is very handy and fast working. For some products, you can scan the barcode to confirm you are buying the right one to avoid any doubt. On occasion products you bought may be refused to offer cashback due to the wrong item from the same brand. Therefore, you need to check products description and differences such as various flavors, sugar-free or sweetened products, pack weight, product images, etc.

Customers Feedback:

Consumers found this app very helpful in its review since it has been lodged which can be found in many review websites. Trust pilot score on this cashback app is quite high as users feedback shows 3.8 points out of 5 which means they have loads of happy customers. Many recommended this app to use for savvy shopping however some mentioned in their opinion to buy only what you needed just in case you could be tempted to purchase unnecessary items.