Cashback App That Pays Your Mobile Phone Bills

Cashback App That Pays Your Mobile Phone Bills

Airtime rewards has been an amazing money saving app that pays to your mobile phone bills! Cashback process is very easy but only difference from other cashback app is they pay back the amount you have earned as a credit towards your mobile phone bills. The monetary value is the same, however, it is in a form of credit instead of cash as they have designed their business by implementing an innovative idea.   

You will shop normal by paying your debit or credit card. Any
purchase does not have to be using their website. All you need to do is just
download their app and register yourself with. Then you register with your debit
or credit card that you normally do shopping with. This is all you have to do.

This app has a large number of sellers in their cashback program which updates in a regular basis. Some of the big names are Debenhams, Topshop, Boots, Clarks, Primark, Evans, Wallis, Outfit, Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Nike, Argos etc. Check your app for available sellers for cashback before shop to avoid any disappointment.  

Whenever you shop instore or online from their selected
seller list you will earn cashback. Generally the app tracks all your shopping
with ease and cashback amount appears very soon. If any cashback does not track
you can claim by sending your shopping details after 14 days of purchase and
within  next 30 days. The purchase has to
be within 45 days.

This cashback app is user friendly and everybody using a
smart phone can be benefitted. Although you have to join with your payment
information, they claimed they are PCI compliant and customers card details are
encrypted and stored securely with their partners Visa and Mastercard.

Airtime reward have good reputation in the cashback arena that
successfully running their service over the years. Customer using their app
giving them five star reviews in Trustpilot website.

You will earn 50 pence if you join with this promo code 6T9X8KCC (copy and paste or type), and another £1 if you shop within 7 days. Therefore, it is £1.50 for free!

ClickSnap will save a fortune

ClickSnap is another popular app mainly for cashback from your supermarket shopping. This app is a sister concern of the renowned cashback site Quidco. If you have an account with Quidco you can login in this app by using the same details.


To be eligible for cashback you will have to upload your receipt by taking the picture from your mobile. Once your cashback is confirmed the balance will be available in your Quidco account to transfer free in your chosen payment method.

There are plenty of everyday grocery items are available in ClickSnap. To maximise your cashback amount just check available product in your ClickSnap before purchasing from a supermarket. Products listed for cashback are only for a short time (mostly one week) and available only for certain supermarkets.

Some products are available for cashback in both cashback site-CheckOutSmart and ClickSnap. You can use your receipt for one cashback site only, however, to make the most of the cashback offer you can buy separately for multibuy items. For example, if you buy the same eligible product more than one then you can pay separately to get 2 receipts to claim cashback from both sites.

Grocery products on offer changing randomly in this site, generally, they are changing every week however, some items stay a long time in the click snape app. Same products on offer can be bought twice and claimed in the click snape and checkout smart if you buy separately with two receipts. Both sites have a common platform to check an uploaded receipt so that same receipt can be used twice. 

After uploading a receipt it should be kept safe as this app may ask you to upload again due to missing information. Some supermarket print receipt in both side of a paper, therefore, you need to check properly if both sides of the receipt uploading required. Sometimes this robotic app fails to read a receipt due to a blurry image and it will ask you to upload again. To use this app customer need to upload receipt as early as possible because the discount offers in a product can be withdrawn for any reason.  

ClickSnap is a sister company of the top UK cashback site Quidco. When your cashback amount is available to transfer generally you can take the money from your Quidco account if you use the same login details of both of your account.

As in UK mobile cashback app sites are not many, and ClickSnap has been in their operation for quite a few years. They are competitive in the market and surviving well through their promotional activities therefore they can be considered as reliable and trustworthy. Besides, while all these positives go to Cliksnap, customers should seek safety in terms of their cashback amount which can only be ensured by transferring their balance transferred to their bank account or any other format such as vouchers as soon as possible because this type of third party company can be financially collapsed within a short period of time.


Money-Saving App You Must Install

In our everyday shopping, we try to buy the best product with as less money as possible to pay. If you just go out to the supermarket without considering your options to pay less for what you are getting then you obviously missing some opportunity to deduct your cost. Fortunately, there are some effective ways of cutting your expenditure by using some handy apps on your mobile phone. We will focus on this top money-saving app that you must have on your mobile phone.

We have considered many different options to pay a little less than what you are paying for your everyday essentials. While there are many different ways of saving supermarket costs we focused on one of the easiest ways available for us in the palm of our hand. We can use some handy mobile apps for cutting our supermarket costs and make some savings from the budget. Here some of the apps that might help many of us in buying everyday essentials.


This app offers cashback on supermarket items both online and instore for its users. There are a lot of products on offer every day from your grocery list to make your shopping rewarding. This money-saving app will certainly help you with saving money through cashback. All you need to do is to buy the featured product, then upload a copy of your receipt or delivery note and they will credit you the cashback. You can transfer your cashback to your bank account once they are available. This usually takes 3-7 days to show the money in your balance. You can transfer your balance once you have £20 or more in your account. Payments £1-£19.99 incur a 5% charge.

Generally, products on offer last a week on their site, some products even for a few weeks’ time. After loading a receipt it takes a few hours to update the amount of the cashback, in some cases, it will update immediately. As it takes time to show the cashback you need to keep the receipt safe just in case Checkoutsmart robots miss to identify any information. Some receipt comes two sides in which the app might be updated as ‘time and date missing’ which means you may have to upload the receipt again for both sides in particular.

Compared to ClikSnape this money-saving app is very handy and fast working. For some products, you can scan the barcode to confirm you are buying the right one to avoid any doubt. On occasion products you bought may be refused to offer cashback due to the wrong item from the same brand. Therefore, you need to check products description and differences such as various flavors, sugar-free or sweetened products, pack weight, product images, etc.

Customers Feedback:

Consumers found this app very helpful in its review since it has been lodged which can be found in many review websites. Trust pilot score on this cashback app is quite high as users feedback shows 3.8 points out of 5 which means they have loads of happy customers. Many recommended this app to use for savvy shopping however some mentioned in their opinion to buy only what you needed just in case you could be tempted to purchase unnecessary items.