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Halifax Bank offers new mortgage deal

Halifax bank offers a new mortgage deal for its existing customers which is far better than any other mortgage offers as present in the market. They have significantly reduced their product transfer rates for their own customers who are in a standard variable rate.

It says 1.56% for <60% LTV on 5 Year fixed and 1.55% for <60% LTV on 3 year fixed rate on their website.

This five years fixed offer is one of the top listed mortgages offers at present compared to other leading providers in this regard.

They claim in their website it is easiest and quickest to switch deals online

Their telephone and branch advisers are much busier than usual at the moment, so they have made it simple for you to set up your new deal yourself.

If you are Switching a joint mortgage?

No problem. You can now do that from home too. Just choose your new deal and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you want to know more about Halifax Bank Switiching process please read our article regarding current account switching service

No legal fees or valuation charges

And, if you’re in the last three months of your current deal, they will even waive all early repayment charges as a thank you for staying with them.

Some key points you need to know:

  • The information they show you will be based on your current mortgage balance
    It doesn’t take into account any changes that they’ll make to your account as a result of your payment holiday.
  • Any figures they show you are worked out as if you were still paying your mortgage each month
    Don’t worry, your payment holiday will still be in place and they won’t take any payments until it ends.

When your payment holiday ends:

  • The amount you pay each month will change
    They will write to you to confirm your new monthly amount, which will reflect your mortgage account balance and the new interest rate.

For an instant assessment, you can start applying online with some of your basic information available on hand. however, If you’d like some advice, or start an online application but decide you need some help, their mortgage advisers will be happy to discuss your options with you.