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 A warm welcome to my money-saving blog moneyinmind.co.uk on your visit. This is Badrul Hussain, an MBA in Business Studies from the University of Bedfordshire and a very passionate money blogger for many years. In past, I was working as a Fraud Analyst in a leading UK bank for few years. As a result, I have build up my interest in money blogging in order to help others in money saving and build up and care for their credit score. In addition to making the most of free money available in the market in legitimate ways.

As you may have an idea about the content of my blog from the name, this blog is all about saving money through available opportunities in a marketing promotion, research, and using other online tools. Saving money is not a new trend, it has been in practice for thousands of years while changing its norms over the times. Therefore, I am very much sure we all care about money and search for our options in cutting our costs to ensure the money-saving.

I have come across in many situations where I found we are paying much higher for many products and services just because of lack of information and lack of knowledge. Due to some times, we do not realize the best money-saving opportunities which are out there, this can be because of our negligence over facing the hassle of making phone calls and doing searching online aimlessly. From my experience, I realised I could have saved a lot of money in the past only if I have done appropriate research on my own ways of finding better deals.

There are a lot of money-saving blogs nowadays out there, however, this blog will look into all the best ability and handy tips on saving money. I believe I can offer a lot of recent information and great knowledge on how to save money and further support regarding any financial research.

My philosophy is helping others and I believe ‘saving a penny is earning a penny in another word.’ This can be seen in how it reflects in our everyday life in terms of money-saving. Walking millions of steps just start from a single step. If you care about the small savings, it will be much larger savings over time.  All money-saving buddies must follow this fundamental of saving knowledge.

This blog will look into and explore the best opportunities such as from our everyday shopping, traveling, banking, or even utility. I will also look further from every day where there are loads of bargains and deals are available which can make big difference in our spending and saving money. If we implement some basic ideas and relevant money-saving tools in our everyday purchases we can benefit and save money while having the best deal.

In this blog, I will try my best to make my content with the most reliable data from trusted sources to make a better experience for our consumers. As the market trend is regularly changing no offers last forever therefore ways of saving money are continuously changing. Therefore, we will provide the most updated and effective money-saving tools and knowledge.

To contribute to the money-saving community, I am here to find the best money-saving offers out there for any products or services. I will influence others of all the ways of benefitting with the power of most effective ways of money-saving ways which already worked for others and available for all! You can contact me directly for any inquiries. Thank you very much for coming this long to read my article. Cheers!